What To Expect?

If you employ engineers, fabricators, or other “hard science” type professionals and spend a minimum of $300k per year on W-2 payroll and US-based 1099 contractors, you’re likely eligible for a credit large enough to justify the cost and time of recovering money. We do all the work, and it takes about 3-4 hours of your time and 5-7 hours of your CFO’s or accountants time to complete the project. We do the rest.

The Tax Credit Identification Process ©

15 Minute Initial Evaluation

We ask you a series of rapid-fire questions to determine your eligibility and estimate the amount of money we believe we could recover for you.

Engagement Letter & NDA

We ask that you engage us, on a contingency basis, to do a deeper dive into your financials. We give you full Non-Disclosure protections so that everything you share is kept strictly confidential.

We Collect an "I Promise Not to Waste Your Time" Deposit

We ask for a very small deposit of $3,000 to ensure that you don’t send us on a wild-goose chase and don’t follow up. We generally invest over 100 hours of time on an engagement and have to believe you are serious and committed because we don’t get paid until we finalize your credits.

We Finalize Your Credit Amounts and Document Them

We collect the necessary documentation and provide you with all the backup documentation and create an audit-ready file for your tax credits so you have “bulletproof” backup

We Help You Amend Any Tax Returns

Depending on what kinds of credits we help you claim, it may be necessary to amend business and personal tax returns in order to receive large income or payroll tax refunds. While this isn’t a fun process, it’s extremely lucrative and can put a LOT of money back in your pocket.

We Help You Collect Your Credits

We help you finalize everything so you can collect the money that we’ve found for you. It is at this stage that we earn our 30% commission on what we’ve helped you recover.

Our Goal

Our goal is to find you six-figure checks that you didn’t know you could collect. The amount of money that we can find for you depends on how much you spend annually on things like payroll, equipment, outsourced contractors, and materials. It also depends on a careful understanding of your business process and which activities qualify for which grants, credits, and rebate programs.