How to Use Tax Credits When You’re Not Yet Profitable…

By: Stephen Epstein

We work with man early-stage companies and fast-growing tech and healthcare companies. It’s actually rare that these companies are profitable because they’re either pre-revenue or reinvesting all their earnings and more into growth.  

That’s totally fine, we’re still able to find them money.  

There’s one company that’s never been profitable that I think we’re going to recover almost a million dollars for.  Big company, lots of spending on what are call qualified activities. 

Anyway, don’t let the idea that you’re not making money right now stop you from exploring whether you might be able to claim some free money from the various tax credit programs that are out there.  After all, there are both state, federal and sometimes local tax credits that you should be considering.  There’s also employer tax credits for hiring certain employees and other benefits that most business owners miss out on because they don’t know how to tap into these.  

The money is out there to claim.  It’s actually a shame that so many eligible companies struggle so much with cashflow when this incredible tool to access money is sitting there right under their nose, they just don’t know about it. 

Anyway, we help you truly figure out if you’re eligible or NOT.  We’ll be straight up with you.  We don’t want to waste your time or ours, since we work on contingency and don’t have anything to gain by misleading you.  After all, we have to stand by our work with free audit defense protection, so if we go claiming stuff that isn’t real, then we have to spend a fortune defending it, and that’s not only unethical, it’s bad business.  

I’m sure there are people that you would love to hire. Projects you’d like to invest in which could catapult you to the next level, if you could just access some of this hidden money inside your business.  Or, if you want to just buy a new skiboat with the money you find, that’s okay too.  There aren’t any limitations on what you can do with the money, it’s yours.  You actually just over-paid it to the government and we’re just going to help you get it back. 

Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to feel like you won the lottery.  

So check out some of our videos, spend some time on our website at if you want to learn more, or just schedule a quick call with us and we’ll figure out for you whether this is something you should be pursuing or not.  

One of our clients recently told me he felt like all his birthdays came at once.  We found him a LOT of cash.  That was fun.