Has Your CPA Said You Don’t Qualify for Tax Credits?

By: Stephen Epstein

If I had a dollar bill for every time someone told me that their CPA assured them that they DID NOT qualify tax credits — and then we turn around and find a pile of money for them, well I’d have a lot of dollar bills. 

CPAs are not experts in tax credits.  Let’s just call it what it is. Tax credits are a real specialty.  I’d say probably 75% science and 25% art.  But the reality is that there is a reason that so few companies claim these credits.  Their CPAs simply don’t understand them, nothing wrong or bad about it.   It’s like seeing a general practitioner doctor for a specialty knee replacement; you want and need a specialist. 

Over 400k companies qualify for these credits, but only 75k companies claim the credits.  That means there are a ton of CPAs asleep at the wheel.  But before you go firing your CPA, and some people have fired their CPA over this — because they’ve “lost” them so much money in unclaimed taxes, remember to try to be patient and kind with people when they mess up. 

Spoiler alert; you can only go back 3 years, so everything beyond that, you’re just going to have to forget about, as brutal and tough as that might be to do. 

Anyway, we help you truly figure out if you’re eligible or NOT.  We’ll be straight up with you.  We don’t want to waste your time or ours since we work on contingency and don’t have anything to gain by misleading you.  After all, we have to stand by our work with free audit defense protection, so if we go claiming stuff that isn’t real, then we have to spend a fortune defending it, and that’s not only unethical, it’s bad business.  

So, the best you can hope for is that you find out you’re eligible, we hold your hand and do all the hard work for you, and in about 4-5 months you get a big windfall of cash that, before today, you didn’t even know you were eligible for.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  Only the PPP money is faster, but even that came with some strings attached.  This doesn’t 

So go through some of our videos on our website at to learn more about if you should speak with us.  

Or, if you just want to cut to the chase, you can go right ahead and book a call and we’ll tell you right away if it’s worth pursuing or not, only takes 15 mins to find out.