How Much is Your Business Losing in Unclaimed Tax Credits?

Our Average Client Recovers Over $50,000 Some Recover as Much as $500,000
Stephen Epstein ceo

What Do We Do?

Step 1

We quickly educate you about tax credits

Step 2

We quickly diagnose whether it’s worth your time to pursue tax credits

Step 3

We help you correctly document your credits so you’re compliant

Step 4

We help you collect tax credits

Step 5

We share in the money we find for you as your partner

How Much Money Can You Recover?

Our Average Client Recovers Over $50,000
Some Recover as Much as $500,000

We’re a team of tax credit specialists who are here for one reason:
To find, claim, and recover money for you.

There are local, state, and federal tax credits
which you could be legally entitled to.


Only around 75,000 of the more than 400,000 businesses eligible for tax credits claim them.

Things You can Spend Your Tax
Credits on:


Renovating Your Home

More employees



office improvements


Everything You Need to Know about Tax Credits:

Here is what tax credits ARE:

  • Free money from the government that you don’t have to pay back
  • Dollar-for-Dollar credits (not deductions) that you should recover
  • Money to grow your business or pay yourself more

Here is what tax credits are NOT:

  • NOT a complicated loan or grant that sucks up more time than it’s worth
  • NOT a scam that will get you in trouble with the IRS
  • NOT just for large companies like Amazon and Google
  • NOT a tax deduction but rather they are rebates (money back in your pocket)

To Claim This Money You Do NOT
Need To:

  • Hire more employees
  • Spend more money on research and development
  • Change the way you do anything

What’s The Best Part about Tax Credits?

  • What’s The Best Part about Tax Credits?
  • Unlike loans, there is no interest and they don’t have to be repaid
  • It’s no-strings-attached money you can spend on whatever you want

How Does the Process Work?

We simply gather the required documentation from you and your CFO
and work at identifying and recovering tax credits – even from past tax years.

If you stick to our recommended timeline, you can receive cold-hard-cash back from state and
local governments in as little as four months from when we start the simple process.

How to Tell if You Qualify?

If your business is in engineering, software development, manufacturing, or a related “hard science” industry
with $1M-$50M in annual revenue, let’s spend 15 minutes together to see if you qualify.

Click the button below to schedule a no-pressure consultation:


Your company does NOT have to be profitable to qualify.

How are We Different?

Our tax credit specialists, accountants, and lawyers help our clients legally and ethically recover and maximize their tax credits.

We find countless state, federal and local credits which other firms don’t understand or know about and miss as a result.

We are first and foremost business owners and entrepreneurs, so we understand how tax credits actually apply to your case.

For example, the CPA for a granite and stone fabrication business might not immediately see how research and development tax credits apply. We know and understand and can identify all the business processes, materials, and other eligible qualifying expenses that would otherwise get missed. This results in recovering more money for you.


Our process only takes 3-4 hours of the CEO or CFO’s time and about 10 hours of your team’s time. Its extremely profitable and efficient. Bottom line, we don’t take up your time. Instead, we give it back.

Why Isn’t My CPA already Doing This for Me?

Many CPAs don’t understand tax credits. Tax credits can be complicated to document. This is a real specialty. Oftentimes CPAs will say “you don’t qualify” to firms which DO qualify. This isn’t malicious, it’s just lack of expertise. We help you and your CPA understand, document and recover these credits.

Don’t fire your CPA if they have failed to collect tax credits for you in the past.

Our Mission:

1) To empower these business owners and their team of financial experts and CPAs toes by locateing, claiming, and recovering every last credit dollar of available money for their business, so they can strengthen their positions as profitable industry leaders.

2) To free business owners from the idea that tax credits are unethical or illegal. All local, state, and federal tax credits are created by law, not prohibited by it.

3) To make the process of recovering money totally painless and incredibly rewarding.